Lighten up; it’s summer

A little bit of this and that:

Dog days of summer

We’ve had at least 15 days of 90-plus temperatures already this summer, far more than last year. When I went for a jog yesterday morning, it took awhile to cool down afterward.
The next few days are supposed to be above 90 as well.
Global warming? Not necessarily. Maybe. Warm and cool travel in cycles over centuries and millennia.
It’s also dry. I mowed our front yard once in July, the back yard not at all. And it’s not long.

Politics not as usual

Anyone else had enough of Donald and Hillary for the moment?
Both of them need a summer vacation. Give us a break, even for only a week or two. Chill out.
That might improve their perspectives on life as well.

The clueless driver

While driving my work van yesterday with two passengers, I nearly got involved at a crash. And I was helpless to do anything about it.
Traveling north on Pearl Road in Strongsville, I approached a left-turn lane into a beautiful park, which I drive through to drop off the next person on my route. The light turned red before I got there, so I stopped in the turn lane.
An older lady traveling south on Pearl never saw the light. Or traffic. Or anything else. She was zoned out, in another world. Two or three seconds after the light turned red, she cruised right through it, never slowing or looking right or left.
An SUV with the green light prepared to pull out of the park. Thankfully, that driver was paying attention, and waiting for the clueless driver to pass.
If he didn’t, the clueless driver would have broadsided him. What would have happened next? They would have rolled right into me, a sitting duck in the middle of the road.
I saw the whole thing develop, and was powerless to do anything about it. Thank you, SUV driver, for paying attention. You saved both of us. Perhaps from lengthy hospital stays.

The popularity of sports

The Cleveland Indians baseball team continues to win most of its games, holding a nice lead over the Detroit Tigers in the American League’s Central Division. Since the Cavaliers won the NBA championship and their season ended, attendance has risen at Progressive Field, home of the Indians. But they still don’t routinely sell out.
Meanwhile, training camp started last weekend for the NFL’s Browns, a pathetic team that some prognosticators say may win only one or two games all season. Yet, they will sell out, most likely.
I hope sports fans in this city will continue to support the Indians – with the best record in the entire league – even after the football season takes center stage around here, which will happen very soon.
The Cavaliers’ championship provided a huge emotional boost around here. Do the Indians have to win the World Series to get recognized? We’ll see.

Built to last – not

I’m writing this blog today at a local library, because our two-year-old laptop went on the fritz. They just don’t make things like they used to.
I drive a 20-year-old car, which has a lot more moving parts than a computer does. Are we so cheap in this country that we won’t pay for things that actually work over the long term?
I don’t care where it’s built. I’m not going to get into that. Just give me something that works.

Beat depression

Meditation combined with running overcomes depression. I saw a story on the TV news the other day that reported that. Someone commissioned a study that revealed that astounding finding.
I could have told the study authors that from personal experience.
I spend a little time every morning reading my Bible and meditating. I’ve been doing that for more than 30 years.
For the past 10 years or so, I’ve also been exercising. I try to get out two or three times a week. It’s a great stress reliever. Getting the heart pumping and the blood flowing does something to my brain.
It’s even better than coffee. (That’s saying something for me.)
It’s too bad that common sense requires a study for us to believe it.

I’ll drink to that

Speaking of coffee, I heard another report – this one on the radio – that coffee is good for you if you have a high metabolism, which helps our bodies process it well. That report said 80 percent of us, if I remember that right, have a metabolism high enough to make coffee good for us.
I definitely am one of those.
In fact, I have a Thermos next to me right now. It’s empty.
Just make sure you’re near a bathroom. That’s a side effect of high metabolism.

Lighten up

See, Donald and Hillary? It can be done. Let’s lighten up this week.
The conventions are over. Your arguments this week are digging deep into places you don’t want to go. Stop. Just stop.
Our Indians need some attention. Back off so we can give it to them.
By the way, the summer Olympics start this weekend in Rio. You won’t have our undivided attention anyway this month.
It’s a big world out there. It doesn’t revolve around either of you. Just sayin’.


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